Episode I

Character Design

Han Solo

The main character of the series everyone knows Han Solo except for much of the characters in this story. For looks we based it around the style seen in the comic which seems to be almost a hybrid of his appearance in "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" as that is actually when these events take place.




Where ever Han goes Chewie is not far behind. With his look never really changing all that much the biggest obstacle here was figuring out how to best translate an alien that is almost all fur into a format which is made up of hard edges. As you can see the first few passes were a little rough.

Loo Re Anno


Loo Re Anno, a new species of alien created for the comic, is one of the characters driving the story from the perspective of the racer's rather than the rebellion. She has a very spiritual way about her setting aside her somewhat intimidating height which is actually a bit taller than Chewbacca. This occasionally caused a bit of a challenge with eye lines and the angles of other model's heads.

Nowk Asil


One half of Team Starshot Nowk's design was straight forward but ultimately came down to choosing the right shades of color to ensure her stark black suit translated properly from the page to the screen.

Sotna Reat


The other half of the team Sotna faced a similar challenge in ensuring she had her own distinct look but also had a similar enough appearance to ensure it was made clear the two were two halves of a whole team.

Delan Vook


The playboy and somewhat foil of the story Delan Vook needed to give off the look of hotshot pilot but also high class at the same time. That all came down to the details such as pilot equipment, minor shading and other finer points of his overall look.

Race Announcers


Ballroom Singers

Environment Design




Rebel Hangar

Dragon Void Space Station


Race Announcer's Studio