Han Solo

Han Solo. Familiar to us, but to none of the Dragon Void participants . Set between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back", this comic finds Solo sporting a new look.



Where ever Han goes Chewie is not far behind. The biggest obstacle with bringing him into the pixel world was translating a furry alien into a format which is made up of hard edges. 


Loo Re Anno

Loo Re Anno, a new species of alien created for the comic, is one of the characters driving. Setting aside her somewhat intimidating height (which is actually a bit taller than Chewbacca) she has a very spiritual and peaceful demeanor. Her design has occasionally caused a bit of a challenge with eye lines and the angles of other model's heads.


Nowk Asil &

Sotna Reat

The Starshot Team

This duo is a rather interesting one. Though their design is pretty straight forward the biggest obstacle was choosing the right color shades to ensure the blacks and whites were stark and vibrant enough. We wanted to be sure that they translated properly from the page to the screen.


Delan Vook

The 'Pantoran playboy' and somewhat foil of the story Delan Vook needed to give off the look of hotshot pilot but also high class at the same time. That all came down to the details such as pilot equipment, minor shading and other finer points of his overall look.


Leia Organa

Playing something of the commanding background role Leia in this story is very direct and knows her position among the rebel alliance, a commander. Though more active in the first and final comic her appearance does change a few times throughout


General Airen Cracken

A minor character literally only seen, and never heard, in "Return of The Jedi" during a handful of shots Cracken is the head of Rebel Intelligence and security. Because he's never heard we needed to flesh out what he may sound like given his position and strike a good balance between his on screen persona and the one seen in the issues.



This short Duros becomes a pivitol part in the second issue as a rebel spy buy also as a very meek and nervous participant of the events. The overall design was a very easy to translate one as he seems to try and not stand out, however how best to portray him verbally was another story.


Grega / U'il

The Falleen bodyguard of Bot she is no nonsense and seems to always be in a hurry. We based her look and performance on not only the comic itself but also the few references Falleens have been seen in other Star Wars media such as "Shadows of The Empire" and episodes of "The Clone Wars" which include The Black Sun syndicate.



Another new alien introduced in the comics Dorae is another larger species that has familiar yet alien traits about her. With the same translation challenges as Chewbacca we really wanted to try and flesh out this new species and give her a unique and memorable twist.


Officer Tomine

With Tomine we went the basic route as far as looks. Because The Empire is very uniformed in acts and appearance the tunics were easy to do as far as looks. Regarding performance the idea of an English accent was decided as they made up the bulk of officers and commanders in the original trilogy.


Selentia & Adame

The two rebels seen at the start of issue one they play a small but pivotal role. Though they're only seen for a short time we wanted to give them both looks that would help establish the pixel animation as a sight to behold. The concept of playing around with vocalizations for both was considered but ultimately dropped as their performances alone fit them perfectly.


Race Announcers


A concept only seen by way of text bubbles in the comic the idea to create race announcers as if the Dragon Void had hosts and its own holonet show similar to sportscasts one could find on TV was decided early on. Taking the text they were each assigned to one of two announcers and then the final task of creating new and entirely original aliens was all that remained. Just doing some doodles and concepts to make them very alien these two are very vibrant in color and personality and seem to fit the role of announcers quite well as far as intergalactic space races go.


Ballroom Singers


Much like the race announcers these two were entirely original but based on the idea that the racer's banquet would feature live music. Going for a more classy and laid back appearance but fun like The Max Rebo Band seen in "Return of The Jedi" these two can be seen briefly performing their hit song Berl Kowakian.