Located on an undisclosed planet, the series starts in a Cantina full of scum and villainy. Though unlike Chalmun's in Mos Eisley this one is a lot more active and very industrial looking. Aside from the large selection of aliens a big obstacle was figuring out lighting. It was decided to give it an almost cyberpunk style color pallet.


Episode 1


Episode 1



A small enclosed space seen only briefly in issue one this area was a essentially two large squared areas with a single door. Basing the design mainly off of the comic panels extra bits were added in to really give it that safe house feel.

Episode 1



Though the exterior was changed to a Mon Calamari MC80 the inside hanger and subsequent hallways and storage rooms were primarily based off of what was seen in the comic. Because of the large scale activity one would expect in a rebel hanger a lot of extra assets and activities were needed. For that we again looked to the movies.

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Episode 1

Dragon Void


A giant space station with what seems to be a city built upon it this design was very strange but unique. The size appears to be massively larger than it seems to be and so it was made on a smaller scale for wide angles with the finer details being kept for the interiors (obviously). Much like the other scenes various characters needed to be made to fill in the scenes both inside and outside the ballroom.

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Episode 1

Race Announcer's


Like the announcers themselves this area was completey original in design as it is never seen in the comics. The design was inspired by real world sportscaster studios one could find on television but with a vibrant color pallet and views that overlooked the primary station. Smaller details like the microphones and trophies were inspired by other Star Wars media like "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and "Knights of The Old Republic".

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Episode 1 & 2

Obstacle #1

It's a bit challenging to create an engaging obstacle course in space when the obstacles are small turreted mines. After many passes which included a decent, but not crazy, amount of racers and mines the scene still seemed to be bland and so the idea of adding in the vibrantly colored dust and particle clouds were added giving it that almost psychedelic look.

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Episode 2 & 3

Landing Zone

Without a doubt the most elaborate, time consuming and massive set piece seen in a single shot through the entire series the landing zone from episode two featured hundreds of layers even before the crowds were added in. For the panning wide alone there is a total of X assets (and quite a few Easter eggs if you can spot them).

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Episode 2

Landing Zone Cantina

Going for a more outdoor terraced look with this cantina this area was a good mixed of confined people but in a wider area. With the comic only showing certain angles many things had to be filled in as far as looks and actions one such included the race announcers interviewing a former Dragon Void champion on his views of the race thus far.